Scandal: 7 Orthodox Bishops Endorse Group Pushing Homosexuality & Women's Ordination

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Many faithful Christians already denounce degenerate publications such as Public Orthodoxy, Orthodoxy in Dialogue, and The Wheel, recognizing them as thinly-veiled wolves in sheep's clothing.

Sadly, the same degenerates who co-founded Public Orthodoxy also co-founded the International Orthodox Theological Association (IOTA), an organization openly endorsed by seven bishops in the Orthodox Church. Detailed proof can be found in this stunning documentary:

Bombshell Film: Deep State $Millions For Woke 'Scholars' Subverting Orthodox Christianity in US

Why would bishops in the Orthodox Church in America (OCA), the Serbian Church, the Romanian Church, the Georgian Church, and the Bulgarian Church want to endorse those who push homosexuality, transgenderism, women's ordination, and other destructive heresies within the Orthodox Church?

What happens when 7 standing bishops publicly endorse an organization that is infiltrated with liberals and sexual degenerates, being actively led by those who advocate homosexual perversions, transgender ideology, and purveyors of women's ordination? By endorsing this organization, are these bishops trying to defend the Church, or destroy it? Are they hoping to protect the flock, or to consume it? The names of these 7 bishops are listed near the end of this article.

IOTA is eligible to receive grant funding from the US State Department. Among its sponsors are SVS, Orthodox Christian Mission Center, and the Orthodox Theological Society in America. Aside from having their tentacles inserted into numerous Orthodox organizations around the world, IOTA has the dubious distinction of including the following degenerates in their leadership:

George Demacopoulos — As a professor of theology, Demacopoulos has co-founded and is co-director of the publication Public Orthodoxy, the International Orthodox Theological Association (IOTA), and the Orthodox Christian Studies Center (OCSC) at the Jesuit Fordham University. At IOTA, he chairs the Byzantine Orthodoxy group. He is strongly against any traditional family values, has spoken out against the core nuclear family as being the foundation for healthy Christian living, and has publicly condemned any who believe that the Eucharist does not transmit disease; a teaching that has been a part of the Orthodox Faith since its beginning.

Aristotle Papanikolaou - A close colleague of Demacopoulos, Papanikolaou is the other co-founder and co-director of Public Orthodoxy, IOTA, and the OCSC at Fordham University. At IOTA, he is co-chair of the Political Theology group. He has advocated for the injection of Liberation Theology, moral relativism, and cultural Marxism into the Orthodox Theology. He is strongly in favor of the feminist movement to install women deaconesses into the Orthodox Church and eventually women priests. And he believes that the LGBTQ+ community has a place in Orthodox Theology.

Carrie Frost - Frost is one the leading activists for women deaconesses and eventually women priests. She has written a number of books and has lectured at various conferences across the nation. At IOTA, she is co-chair of the Women in the Orthodox Church group.

IOTA is clearly a degenerate, subversive organization, actively working to destroy the Orthodox Church at its very doctrinal foundations. Any church that supports homosexual activity, transgenderism, and women's ordination can no longer be properly called a "church", but rather an apostate group, separated from Christ. Therefore, if IOTA leaders support these abominations, then the Church must not support IOTA.

Any organization led by people like DemacopoulosPapanikolaou, and Frost, is an organization that needs to be shunned by every faithful Christian. No layman or priest, much less a bishop, should have anything to do with such degenerates.

And yet IOTA enjoys international support from numerous laymen, priests, and even bishops:

Who are the seven bishops who openly endorse IOTA? Their names can be found listed directly on the IOTA website, in the Hierarch Members of IOTA section. And if IOTA ever tries to hide that particular page of their website, an archived version of the list is also available. 

These are the seven bishops:

  • His Eminence Teofan (Savu), Archbishop of Iasi and Metropolitan of Moldova and Bucovina, Romanian Orthodox Church
  • His Eminence Grigoli (Berbichashvili), Metropolitan of Poti and Khobi, Georgian Apostolic Orthodox Church
  • His Eminence Alexander (Golitzin), Archbishop of Dallas, the South, and the Bulgarian Diocese, Orthodox Church in America
  • His Grace Irinej (Dobrijevic), Bishop of Eastern America, Serbian Orthodox Church
  • His Grace Maxim (Vasiljević), Bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Western America
  • His Grace Emilian (Nică), Bishop of Crișan, Vicar of the Archdiocese of Arad, Romanian Orthodox Church
  • His Grace Daniil (Nikolov), Bishop of Vidin, Bulgarian Orthodox Church

Here is a screenshot directly from the IOTA website:

Not only is this shameful IOTA organization endorsed by 7 bishops, it is also supported by SVS, the Orthodox Christian Mission Center, the Orthodox Theological Society in America, and many more:

For more specific details about IOTA, Public Orthodoxy, the Wheel, and multiple members of the Orthodox clergy who are actively subverting the Orthodox Faith, see the following exposé. The Secret Subversion of American Orthodoxy, a stunning one-hour documentary, was recently released online. The video and full transcript can be found here:

Bombshell Film: Deep State $Millions For Woke 'Scholars' Subverting Orthodox Christianity in US

In addition to the seven bishops already listed above, this documentary also exposes the shameful activity of additional Orthodox clergy and monastics, including the following:

  • Archbishop Elpidophoros
  • Fr. Nicholas Denysenko
  • Fr. John Chryssavgis
  • Fr. Juvenaly Repass
  • Fr. Cyril Hovorun
  • Sister Vassa

If you, and everyone you know, will write letters to your bishops, letting them know that you will not tolerate the subversive activities of degenerate organizations such as IOTA, then we can put pressure on the bishops to clean up the Church, purging it of wolves in sheep's clothing.

More great content, memes, commenting and community not available on this site.

We are also on Facebook and Instagram which have been designated terrorist organizations by the Russian government.