Oksana Fomina
"We stopped climbing into the windows of our lovers"
Oksana Fomina

Do you remember that phrase from "The Irony of Fate"? Then it seemed like the end of all romance. The XXI century has impoverished and desalinated our life even more.

In 1991, I went to the USA, to Maine, as a student exchange student. Do you know what surprised me the most there? No, not the abundance of sausage on the shelves and not the pavement washed with shampoo, and not even the fact that you could sit on the floor in supermarkets, but at school ... there are lessons (although the latter, of course, I'm lying, impressed!). I was surprised that people can't go to visit each other without making a preliminary phone call. How is that? Am I going to call Katya to go to her?! We laughed about it for a long time. By the way, not everyone had phones then either. So what? Some twenty years have passed and everything has become exactly the same in our country. You won't come to visit, as they say, "on the way" anymore. You won't stop by after a ski trip for tea to the one whose house is closer to the ski track… Why, we even have to call each other at a certain time now. Is it good? Conveniently accurate. But after all, our emotional experiences do not look at the clock. If the soul asks, you need to call. But if the arrows are already behind the number 22, then it is impossible… But such calls for many had a therapeutic effect. God grant that each of us in our age of comme il faut has such a friend who can be called around the clock.

And you also noticed that we now invite guests to our home much less often, preferring to meet ("intersect") somewhere in a cafe. I don't know about you, but I also caught the time when people were singing at the table and dancing near it. Were these people happier? It seems to me that they definitely were, and they had much less problems with mental health. Maybe to become happier, we just need to communicate closer? Feed friends with food cooked by yours