Oksana Fomina
The pandemic has taught us to save
Oksana Fomina

Previously, my friends and I never talked about prices in stores, and who pays how much for communal services. Now this topic is in the top. You'll sit down at the table and well, discuss who has what for how much. However, before that none of my friends had been out of work for six months rehearsing ballet in the room.

What is good in this (in the sense of saving), you ask? As a person trying to protect nature, I will say this: we have reduced purchases and spending. And this, as you know, is one of the main principles of caring for the world around us. 

We began to approach purchases more consciously. Make a list of the necessary and only then stomp into the store. And going there, you'll also grab a shopper, a bag made of such fashionable fabric. There is nothing to buy packages polluting everything around. Again, discount books that are given at the checkout are now very popular reading not only among pensioners. On Wednesday you go for sausage, on Friday for cereals - an extra penny remains in the budget and you plan better.

Some of my friends began to collect waste paper. It turned out that in a month they run up 5 kilograms! (newspapers, magazines, boxes, advertising packaging material, and so on). By the way, you can get good money for waste paper. Yes, yes, she is still accepted. And some companies will come for unnecessary metal things themselves! 

We replaced the light bulbs with energy-saving ones and began to turn off the lights more often. We bought a dishwasher and water consumption was almost halved!

And if you still move your nose around, you can also save on something else. Turn off the landline phone, have you used it for a long time? To abandon the collective antenna, now modern telecoms work without them. Check the tariffs for mobile communication, suddenly there is something more profitable?

There are also excellent services for selling everything unnecessary. This is how I got rid of the old TV, punching bag and skis during the pandemic. There is more space in the apartment and the mood has improved. And you say that the pandemic is only a minus!