President Putin Refers to Gospel, Points to Satanic Nature of Western Tyranny

Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin pointed to the inhuman nature of the dictatorship of the Western rulers, which, in his words, is taking the nature of outright Satanism in his address at the ceremony of the acceptance of new territories into the Russian Federation.

"The dictatorship of Western elites is directed against all societies, including the peoples of Western countries themselves. This is and affront to everyone; this corruption of the human nature, subversion of faith and traditional values,  suppression of freedom becomes in a sense an anti-religion, an outright Satanism".

President Putin compared the policies of Western countries to the "poisonous fruits" as they are mentioned of in the Holy Gospel:

"In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus Christ, denouncing the false prophets, said: 'By their fruits you shall know them'. And these poisonous fruits are already evident to people not only in our country - in all countries, including those in the West".