Russia Tracking Down Abortion Promoters for Prosecution

The Chamber of Parents, a Russian civic union, has launched a campaign, gathering information about physicians who in violation of their duty and morality have counseled pregnant women or families to kill the conceived child by performing abortion, or have forced them to take medication causing miscarriage.

Evidence is being collected from social networks, using the accounts of the Chamber of Parents, either signed, or anonymous. The information will be supplied to the Federal Ministry of Public Health, to be used as the basis for administrative measures against those officials and physicians who promote abortion.

Earlier this year, the Russian Federation Ministry of Public Health issued an order prohibiting medical personnel from making any statements suggesting an option to abort the child. Likewise, it is prohibited to offer any subjective assessment of the supposed future hardships of motherhood and family life.

On the contrary, every medical consultant must disclose to a pregnant woman full information about the government and public support programs that are available, with addresses and phone numbers of organizations where such support can be obtained, including help for parents of children with developmental disorders and genetic diseases.