Russia To Build State Based on Traditional Spiritual and Moral Values (+VIDEO)

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The military conflict with Western elites has turned Russia's elites strongly conservative and anti-globalist.

This has been the main issue discussed at a two-day high-profile conference held in Moscow on October 24-25.

Some 1500 participants – members of Russian business elite, religious leaders, politicians and top government officials - met at the XXIV World Russian People’s Congress (WRPC), an annual event run by Russian conservative elite and chaired by the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. This year it was themed ‘Orthodoxy and the World in the XXI century’.

Top conservative political and religious leaders spoke out strongly against the aggressive globalism leading the world into catastrophe. Video in Russian

World Russian People’s Congress is a platform created in 1993 by the Russian Orthodox Church to unite all Russian Diasporas around the world. The Presidium and Council of WRPC includes well-known Russian politicians and public figures, business leaders, scientists, artists, military, etc.


The WRPC annual meetings are held in the Hall of Church Assemblies – an impressive conference center located in the giant basement of Christ the Savior Cathedral, less than a mile’s distance from the Kremlin, which pays close attention to the Congress’ recommendations. Greeting the Conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed, that «the proposals and initiatives worked out at the Congress, are much appreciated”.

In his opening speech, Patriarch Kirill pointed out that Western civilization attempts to create a new world order, exterminating everything that stands in its way.

"Christians are invited to integrate themselves into the globalist reality, or else they will perish. In practice, this implies accepting the new trends - supporting all kinds of perversions, giving up family and children, and trivially betraying [our principles]. From the Christian point of view, we know what global universalism means, and we know that without global universalism there won’t be the one who shall claim global power and whose name is associated with the end of the world,"

He also called the attention to the so-called 'transhumanism,' a doctrine, focused on

"transferring the human mind from its biological body to a different material platform. This doctrine is dangerous and unacceptable, because it is aimed at producing a surrogate human, who would eventually be able to completely substitute for the real human ..." 


Full remarks of the head of the Russian church, video in Russian.

Now, Russia, a country, in which the preservation of its own identity and the adherence to traditional values become part of the state policy, stands in the way of the globalists, which is why it is Russia against which the war has been waged.

"The battle for the entire Russian world has already begun," Sergei Kiriyenko, First Deputy Head of the Russian Presidential Administration, noted in his speech at the Congress.

"There is a war going on against Russia today. We are now faced not only with military confrontation of the entire NATO bloc, but also with an unprecedented economic war. There has been no country in history subject to such number of sanctions. There is also an unprecedented information and psychological war. All that has an aim of destroying the sovereignty and identity of our country, and its disintegration”.


Sanctioned Russian oligarch and media tycoon, Konstantin Malofeev who has built the WRPC into a national political movement over the last 5 years.

"Russia is at a crucial point now," said Konstantin Malofeev, Russian billionaire and WRPC deputy chairman.

"It is now that we can build our own state relying on traditional spiritual and moral values, the principles of justice. It is now, when Russia is freed from the pressure of transnational corporations and imposed Western cultural 'values,' that the time for our power to emerge and flourish, has come."

Malofeyev also said that a final document has been drawn based on the two days’ work of the Conference. This document lays down the foundation for the coming Russian national revival, Russian Victory and Russian Breakthrough into the future.


More great content, memes, commenting and community not available on this site.

We are also on Facebook and Instagram which have been designated terrorist organizations by the Russian government.