Moscow Theological Academy Now Offering Online Program in English

The Church has always addressed the whole world. It has become even more relevant in the modern world, losing its former limitations. Apostles used to preach about Christ in Greek, which at the time was the language of international communication. Nowadays, such a language is English. Thus, there is no reason why the Russian Orthodox Church should not speak this language as well.

Therefore, an English-language training program for foreign students has been developed on the basis of the already existing and successfully operating Russian-language online platform of the Moscow Theological Academy. The one-year curriculum includes the main theological and history disciplines: Holy Scripture of the Old and New Testaments, dogmatic theology, patrology, history, overall Church history of the Russian Church, and liturgics.

Each semester course will include sixteen lessons. The most important subjects, like dogmatic theology and Scripture, will be taught for two semesters. This system is intended primarily for the training of future clergy and church workers who will work in parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church abroad, as well as for everyone who wants to study the Orthodox tradition.

Those wishing to undergo training in the English-language program will be able to apply next semester, and to start mastering the material from the beginning of the new academic year. The distance learning system will be hosted at