Moscow Conference on Restoring Ruined Churches Nationwide

The Epiphany Cathedral in Yelohovo, Moscow, hosted a conference on November 23, 2021, on compiling an electronic register of dilapidated church buildings in Russia.

The Conference was organized by the Expert Council for Church Arts, Architecture and Restoration, together with the “Innotech XXI” Charity Fund for Support of the Russian Church Architecture Revival. The 112 participants — representatives of the Metropolia of the Russian Orthodox Church, businesses, NGOs, scientists, and media — discussed the results of Stage One in collecting the data for the electronic register.

Innotech XXI presented a report, listing the main results of its work. Among these were the test scanning of 16 church buildings in different dioceses, and producing first four films of a documentary series titled “Unique Churches in Russia”. More than 900 information forms on dilapidated church buildings have already been filled in by Metropolia and dioceses.

At present, the Fund and the Council are negotiating with the Ministry of Culture, discussing the terms of further activity in the scanning and entering the data in the electronic register on the first 1170 objects in 12 regions across Russia — primarily those built of wood.

A new project has also been announced at the Conference, to be launched in 2022. The aim of the new undertaking, called “Save and Preserve”, is organizing a large-scale campaign on identifying churches that require restoration.