'Antichrist Will Reign Everywhere Except Russia' - Prophecies of Russian Saints

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Decades before and the militant rise of atheism and communism in the 20th century, multiple saints and holy elders foresaw the Russian revolution and its bloody aftermath. Thankfully, they also foresaw the stunning revival of Christianity in Russia afterwards. Consider their stunning words:

— Elder Porphyrius of Glinsk (+1868): “In due course, faith will collapse in Russia. The brilliance of earthly glory will blind the mind. The word of truth will be defiled, but with regard to the Faith, some from among the people, unknown to the world, will come forward and restore what was scorned.”

— Archimandrite Jonah (Miroshnichenko) (+1902): “You will see what will happen in fifty years’ time: everyone will forsake the Law of God and will fall away from the faith, but then they will again come to their senses and turn back and live in a Christian manner.”

— St. John of Kronstadt (+1908): “I foresee the restoration of a powerful Russia, still stronger and mightier than before. On the bones of these martyrs, remember, as on a strong foundation, will the new Russia we built – according to the old model; strong in her faith in Christ God and in the Holy Trinity! And there will be, in accordance with the covenant of the holy Prince Vladimir, a single Church! Russian people have ceased to understand what Rus is: it is the footstool of the Lord’s Throne! The Russian person must understand this and thank God that he is Russian.”

— Elder Aristocles of Moscow (+1918): "An evil will shortly take Russia, and wherever this evil goes, rivers of blood will flow. It is not the Russian soul, but an imposition on the Russian soul. It is not an ideology, nor a philosophy, but a spirit from hell. In the last days Germany will be divided. France will be just nothing. Italy will be judged by natural disasters. Britain will lose her empire and all her colonies and will come to almost total ruin, but will be saved by praying enthroned women. America will feed the world, but will finally collapse."

— St. Seraphim Of Vyritsa (+1949): "The storm will pass over the Russian land; the Lord will forgive the Russian people their sins. And in Divine and Holy beauty the Cross will shine brightly above the Church of God once more. And the ringing of bells will awaken all our Holy Rus to salvation from the slumber of sin. Holy monasteries will open anew, and faith in God will unite all." "The salvation of the world is from Russia."

St. Seraphim of Vyritsa

St. John of Kronstadt

These prophecies have been widely publicized, with many articles written about them. They are encouraging and impressive, because they reveal how closely the saints are connected to God, even receiving detailed knowledge about future events.

As a person who left America and moved to Russia, I have found it especially interesting to consider the prophecies which have not yet been fulfilled, and which still remain in the future — particularly prophecies about the (almost) worldwide reign of the Antichrist.

One fascinating and very encouraging detail is this — According to multiple prophecies from the saints, Russia will be free from the rule of the Antichrist.

— St. Lawrence of Chernigov (+1950): “During the times of the antichrist, Russia will be the most powerful Kingdom in the world. But the other countries—except for Russia and the Slavic lands—will be under the power of the antichrist and will experience all the horrors and torments described in Holy Scripture. Russia, repent! Glorify God with rejoicing, and sing to Him: Alleluia.”

St. Lawrence of Chernigov

Of course, in Revelation 13:17, Holy Scripture says the Antichrist will be given authority over “every tribe, tongue, and nation”. So how is it possible for Russia to escape? St. Lawrence provides a couple clues.

First, he says the saints in heaven give Russia a special priority in their prayers:

— St. Lawrence of Chernigov: “The whole choir of Russian Saints, together with the Mother of God, begs [the Lord] to spare and have mercy on Russia.”

Second, he explains why Russia becomes such a special focus of mercy. Apparently, since countless millions of Russian Christians already suffered so greatly during the 70+ years under the Bolsheviks and the atheistic soviet government, God will have mercy on Russia during the time of Antichrist:

— St. Lawrence of Chernigov: “Russia, together with all the Slavic nations and lands, will constitute a mighty Tsardom (kingdom). At its helm will be an Orthodox Tsar, Anointed of God. The Tsar will be from God. All schisms and heresies will vanish in Russia. There will not be any persecution of the Orthodox Church. The Lord will have mercy on Holy Rus', because in her there had been the horrible, terrible time preceding the antichrist. The great regiment of the Martyrs and Confessors has shown forth, beginning with the highest spiritual and civil ranks. Metropolitan and Tsar, priest and monk, children and even nursing infants, ending with laypeople. All these will beseech the Lord God the King of Hosts, the King of Kings, glorified in the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

St. Lawrence goes on to say that “The Russian Orthodox Tsar will be feared even by the antichrist himself.”

The Antichrist’s power will be widespread, but not universal. People all over the world will worship him. But not every single person will do so. Even though the Antichrist is given power over every tribe and tongue, some people will reject the Antichrist, and will remain faithful to Christ unto the end.

Similarly, even though the Antichrist is given a certain amount of authority over every nation, Russia will not entirely fall. Indeed, certain saints have prophesied that a *piece* of Russia will fall — China will invade Siberia, and so that portion of Russia will eventually come under the Antichrist’s control. Thankfully, though, many of Russia’s holiest and most ancient lands will stand firm, and will remain forever outside the grasp of the Antichrist.

St. Lawrence is not the only saint to provide us with this encouraging news about Russia’s future. Another glorious prophesy comes to us from one of Russia’s most beloved holy elders:

— St. Seraphim of Sarov (+1833): “Everything that bears the label of ‘Decembrists’, ‘Reformers’ and, in a word, belongs to ‘the party for the betterment of life’ is genuine anti-Christianity, which, in evolving, will bring about the destruction of Christianity and, in part, of Orthodoxy, upon the earth; and which finally will end with the enthronement of the Antichrist over all the nations of the world, except Russia. She will come together into a single united body with the other Slavic nations and comprise a huge ocean ‘one mighty realm, fearsome to the foes of Christ’ before which all the other tribes of the earth will quail in fear. And this is as sure as 2+2=4.”

St. Seraphim of Sarov

There are many times in Scripture where God tells Christians to flee from persecution. And if the Antichrist is coming to persecute Christians, it makes sense to live in the one place where the Antichrist will not gain power.

Dark times are coming upon the world, and the righteous need a safe haven. That haven is Russia. The Antichrist may reign, but he will not reign here.

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We are also on Facebook and Instagram which have been designated terrorist organizations by the Russian government.