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Daily Gospel
Сергей Умнов

When the Annunciation was celebrated, I kept thinking, does everyone know about the message that was brought to Virgin Mary? Well, yes, in a perfect world, of course, everyone would know about that. Open any rating of books, the Bible is in the first place. The most translated, the most circulated, the ultimate bestseller. Even among the books most often stolen from hotels, the Bible is also in the first place.

In everyday conversations, everyone will say "well, of course, I read it!". It's the same with the Russian classics – even if you haven't read it, very few people are willing to admit it. However, the Bible is not a Russian classic. This is a universal classic, an inter-galactic classic if you like . And even to call the Holy Scripture a classic seems inappropriate. Hardly any definitions are possible.

So in the great Bible, the coming of Jesus in announced four times in the Holy Scripture, by the message of God himself. After all, by the will of God, and in no other way, we can read all the holy books. The story of Christ's life on Earth is described four times for us in four Gospels. This is, apparently, done in order for us to understand everything thoroughly, if it is not clear from the first time. The word "gospel" in Greek means literally "the good news". And its message really is good news for all of us in the broadest sense. It is good to finally know how to live, what to do, who is to blame. What has been, what will be and what will calm the heart. It seems that everything is clear – Christ is above everything.

However it turns out that the "good" news is different for everyone. Because the "good" itself is a category that everyone regards differently. You for example, what is good for you? Every day we say words related to the Lord's good news. We say, for example, "bless you", when someone sneezes, to wish him good health. We receive "letters of gratification" from the authorities. We get out of the house into the sun and say "What a blessed day". And do we understand that without God, there is no gratitude, no grace, no blessing? Without God, all that are but random fleeting positive emotions. With God, everything is different. Only those who know it will understand.

On the day when the Archangel brought the Good News to Mary more than two thousand years ago, the hope finally appeared that the life of little Galilee and, let's admit it, the life on the whole planet would go differently. And, as it turned out, life had changed forever on that day.  It continues to change even now after two thousand years - but only for those people who are able to hear this Good news. Let us all hear it. Let us embrace the tidings that the Archangel brought to Galilee.

By the way, if you haven't read it, don't hesitate to read any of the four gospels carefully. Better yet, go full-on and read all of them!