A Father of Many Children is a Great Role Model for Today
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Too often today amidst the glamor of Hollywood superheroes we forget even that real heroes exist, much less what they look like. Father Dionysius Kamenshchikov gently reminds us that the true hero of our time is the father who has faithfully followed God's commands to multiply and fill the earth and to love one another as Christ loved us. 

A father who has many children first loves his wife as Christ loves the Church. He is courageous, strong, and quick. He is a leader; inspiring his charges to follow him and not ruling by fear. He is loving towards all, willing to work, and a faithful follower of God. Above all he is an ordinary hero taking on every day with zeal and unfailingly following God's Will.

As Father Dionysius says, “Why an ordinary hero? Because he didn't save the world from bloodthirsty aliens, or from a meteorite approaching the earth, or prevent a political upheaval, or fight for the happiness of all humanity... Then why a hero? Try to live that way, and you will understand everything yourself.”

Source: PK-Semya (Russian)