Gospel of Dostoevsky for Theological Schools

The faculty and students of the Sretenskaia Theological Academy in Moscow attended a presentation on December 15, of a unique project dedicated to the bicentennial of the great Russian writer, titled, "The Gospel of Dostoevsky".

Early in 1850, Fedor Dostoevsky, 28 years old, convicted of socialist conspiracy and sentenced to hard labor, received a volume of the New Testament in jail in the town of Tobolsk (West Siberia). That event set in motion his spiritual rebirth, which eventually made him an outstanding Christian writer, thinker, and prophet. 

For ten years, a team of Russian scholars supported by the Tobolsk Revival charitable foundation has been working on "The Gospel of Dostoevsky" project: a facsimile edition of that New Testament volume with all margin notes written by the hand of Dostoevsky, comprehensive comments on them, and research papers related to the influence of Holy Scripture upon his novels, stories, and essays.

Addressing the audience, the President of the Academy, archpriest Vadim Leonov, pointed out the powerful effect of Dostoevsky’s writings upon the readers of all lands and nations, helping to bring about their conversion and entrance into the Orthodox Church, even though they have nothing in common with either Russia or with Orthodox heritage. Thus, concluded Fr. Vadim, Dostoevsky is renowned not only for his great books per se, but also for the Christian mission wrought by his great books.