The New Avatar Film Is Anti-Christian to Its Core - a View from Russia

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James Cameron's satanic brew of transhumanism, paganism, demonology and feminism

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By Vasily Yatskin

The author is a Russian film-maker, the director of the Orthodox Christian educational project "Under the Sun". Follow his Telegram channel (in Russian) at He can be contacted in English at: Link to Russian original of this article.

Hollywood has perfected the art of making movie bombs of mass destruction. With the new Avatar sequel, they have released a global blockbuster which encourages viewers with all their senses to wish for the destruction of human beings as a species.

The first Avatar movie, an epic science fiction blockbuster released in 2009, was a box office sensation, becoming the 2nd highest grossing film in history, after Gone With the Wind, raking in over $3 billion in revenue. The sequel, "Avatar, the Way of Water", released in December of 2022, is one of the most expensive movies ever made, with a budget of approximately $400 million. It is also a huge financial success, grossing $1.7 billion in less than a month.

Every minute of "Avatar" is calculated to cause viewers to feel ashamed of humanity and fall in love with fictional pagan alien tribes.  Is this a replay of Adam and Eve's shame before God for their sins, as they cowered in the bushes of primordial existence, or is it another version of the very lies with which the Devil deceived them?

Very briefly, the plot of the Avatar films revolves around the transhumanist idea that in the future, humans will be able transfer their minds into other creatures. In the first movie, set in the year 2154, humans are mining a valuable mineral from a moon in another solar system, (having completely depleted the earth itself (of course), whose climate is incompatible to human life, and which is populated by a nature-loving humanoid species, the Na'vi. In order to function there, the humans transfer their mind into Na'vi bodies, creating human-Na'vi hybrids, so-called avatars.

The hero of the film, Jake, one of these hybrids, breaks with his ruthless bosses and switches sides, fighting with the Na'vi against their human exploiters. They manage to fight off the evil humans, and Jake stays to live with the Na'vi as one of them.

For director James Cameron, it started with "Terminator," which promotes a justified hatred of techno-civilization. It continued with "Titanic", where a hierarchical society dies for the victory of "equality and democracy". And now the "Avatar" films.

Let's look at what messages Cameron is sending is in his latest work.


In the Avatar films, Cameron offers up an "ideal reality" where people live in harmony with nature and each other. Everyone is connected through a tree to a "Mother" in the form of eternal matter and no civilization. In this world, science is evil. Doctors can only make useless diagnoses, and only sorcerers can heal and resurrect people. People become spiritual brothers and sisters with animals. 

Oneness with nature has its advantages. After all, those who live in nature, and not in urban mega-cities, do not have such phenomena as sexual perversion, infantilism until a late age, orphans with living parents, mass divorces and mass abortions, feminists fighting for freedom from motherhood... 

Ok, but why bring in space aliens? Wouldn't it be better to invent a human tribe or to reconstruct one that once lived? A healthy village society could be depicted. Why transplant a human into some avatar? Just for the sake of spectacle? 


Cameron himself has said, "In the future, people will use technology to learn how to put a person's consciousness into a distant biological body." This idea of living in another, more perfect body is beneficial to global financial structures pushing transhumanism. The idea makes possible highly profitable technologies for replacing human body parts, sex reassignment, artificial insemination, synthetic production of children, etc. The human being is being reduced from the image of God into spare parts which bring profit to the bio-engineer.

Transhumanists have proposed "digital immortality": uploading human consciousness in the form of data into a computer, a robot, an artificial body or an organism that is a hybrid of man and machine, i.e. a cyborg.

Elon Musk's company Neuralink is developing brain-computer interface technology to create a "copy" of the human brain for this purpose. Musk himself said on July 19, 2022 that he has already uploaded his own brain, no doubt voluminous, to the cloud.

Space Aliens

And why aliens? Convincing the average person of the existence of UFOs piloted by humanoids is necessary for control. It is easier to drive humanity into electronic surveillance by fear. It is only necessary to constantly scare people with controlled terrorism like 9/11, with pseudo-epidemics, with Russian aggression, with global warming... 

In this parade of frauds, aliens are the most effective weapon of all. Despite the fact that the scientific study of outer space has not revealed any extraterrestrial civilization, the topic continues to be actively pursued. Incidentally, "Avatar's" creators have announced that future "Avatar" sequels will include the arrival of the Na'vi to planet earth. 

There is a dangerous trap in this myth of humanoids from other planets, but unfortunately, this danger can only be understood by those who understand and believe in Christianity.

Who is hiding behind the alien masquerade?

The age-old enemies of God and humans seek to penetrate into the souls of men pretending to be "space aliens." In our age, not everyone believes in the actual existence of demons, whereas belief in "space aliens" is widely accepted in our materialistic, non-religious age.

The tribes of tailed and eared intelligent humanoids invented by Cameron, the Na'vi, are deliberately presented as kinder and better than humans. It is not a coincidence that, according to the director himself, he got the idea for the Na'vi from a dream his mother had, in which she saw a four-foot tall woman with blue skin. I wonder if Cameron realizes that it is well-established that demons are incorporeal and can appear to a person in a dream.

The Navi live without God, substituting instead eternal matter, the ancestral tree, and the earth. Mother Nature rules without Father-Creator, the power and energy of creatures instead of grace. This incidentally is also the spiritual origin of feminism. 

Everything and everyone is driven by a mega-force (superpower) like in Star Wars, which can be used by both good and evil actors. Yet Christianity teaches that the true power of creation, the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, can not be put in the service of evil, which can only destroy. In Cameron and Lucas (the creator of Star Wars) we are dealing with the Masonic notion of a Creator-Architect combining God and the Devil. 

War with the Creator

In the first film, the main character, who is still struggling to choose between returning to being a human or remaining a full-time avatar says: "It seems that the real world (the good world) is in my avatar, and my human existence is like a bad dream." In the second film, he has transitioned into a full-time avatar. Even the alien whales in Avatar 2 are presented as psychologically and emotionally superior to humans. 

Here the Devil rejoices! After all, he hates everything created by God. He longs to coax people away from the Creator and what he created with the lie of transhumanism, to lead people away from two genders and patriarchal family values into transgenderism.  

It is futile to explain to people who do not accept Christianity that the invented "world of our own" is finite and God's world is infinite in the extent to which The Father can perceive it and be its co-creator. Transhumanism is a deception, a false transformation, a pair of external crutches instead of an inherent, inexhaustible source for self-perfection. No synthetic strawberries can ever replace fragrant forest strawberries. 

But synthetics are easier to produce on an industrial scale. It doesn't matter what they feed people with, as long as the people feel satiated,  and they make money on it, and take control of the basic resources of life. 

Idols and heroes

In the Avatar films, the idol is the sacred Mother Earth tree, which every Na'vi tribe has, and which it will fight to protect at any cost. Again, creation is put in the place of the Creator.

In the second film, one of the human avatars, a female scientist, gives birth to a daughter whose father is unknown.  Is this some kind of a hint that perhaps the little girl was conceived from the Mother Earth tree? Is the girl perhaps a pseudo-Christ?

How to Stop the Avatar movies

Cameron is aggressively running a publicity campaign, threatening to stop the release of yet another sequel if his film doesn't quickly gross $2 billion. Here's how you can stop the movie bombing of mankind - just don't watch the movie in the theater or on pay-per-view platforms on the Internet!

The bloody fountain of youth

And finally, here is a suggestion about how this astronomical sum and great creative talent could have been spent on something with real value for humanity:

"Avatar 2"makes you feel sorry for imaginary alien whales who are supposedly killed for a drop of rejuvenating fluid in their brains. In our, real world of today, the "elixir" for youth is actually extracted from aborted babies - stem cells. Dear Mr. Cameron, how about making a movie which tells the truth about millions of baby sacrifices in abortion clinics instead of virtual whales, or do you lack the strength to do this? Or perhaps to your mind, actual babies are less pitiable than imaginary whales?

In the Avatar films, sinful Adam again hides in an alien fantasy and parrots what the evil serpent has taught him.

In paradise, after Adam had sinned, God asked him the famous question, "Where are you?" He wasn't asking about his location, God is omniscient, rather he was asking, "Do you see what you've become? How low you've fallen?" 

Cameron apparently doesn't see, and thus he can't suggest a way out of the dead end to others ... 

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We are also on Facebook and Instagram which have been designated terrorist organizations by the Russian government.  ; - )

More great content, memes, commenting and community not available on this site.

We are also on Facebook and Instagram which have been designated terrorist organizations by the Russian government.