'A Prayer for Holy Russia' - Head of Russian Church Composed This Prayer for the Ukraine Conflict, Now Russians Are Repeating It Nationwide (VIDEO)

This past Sunday morning, during a service at a small church outside Moscow, the head of the Russian Church, Patriarch Kirill, offered up this short prayer about the conflict in Ukraine. It appealed to many people, and is now being repeated in churches and on TV all across Russia. Link to Russian version of the prayer.

"O Lord God of power, God of our salvation, look down in mercy on Your humble servants, hear and have mercy on us: for those who want war are taking up arms against Holy Russia, hoping to divide and destroy her people. (Russians understand this to mean that Ukraine is part of Holy Russia which consists of one people.)

Arise, O Lord, to help Your people and grant us victory by Your power.

To your faithful children, who are zealous for the unity of the Russian Church, make haste, strengthen them in the spirit of brotherly love and deliver them from troubles.  Deny those who would tear your vestments to pieces, in hardness of heart and darkness of mind, for your vestments are the church of the living God.  

By Your grace guide the mighty of this world to all good, and enrich them with wisdom.

Affirm the soldiers and all the defenders of our Fatherland in Your commandments, send a strong spirit down to them, save them from death, wounds and captivity!

Lead those who are homeless and in exile to their homes, feed those who are hungry, strengthen and heal those who are sick and suffering, and give good hope and comfort to those who are in confusion and sorrow!

Grant forgiveness of sins and blessed repose to all those who were slain and died of wounds and diseases in these days.

Fill us, who believe in you, with faith and hope, bring back peace and unity  to all the countries of Holy Russia, renew love for each other in Your people, so that with one mouth and one heart we may worship You, the One God glorified in the Trinity.

For you are the intercession, victory, and salvation of those who put their trust in You, and to You we send up glory, to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and forever, and unto ages of ages.


Here the prayer is read at the end (2:16:38) of evening news on Monday on Russia's largest Christian TV channel, 'Savior', which is one of the most popular channels in Russia. 

Here is video of it on Telegram: