Twenty New Churches to be Built in a Moscow Precinct

The ancient Russian capital was far-famed for centuries, not only because of the splendid outlook of its churches, but also because of their quantity. Alas, many of those cultural and religious treasures were savagely destroyed during the Communist rule. Meanwhile, the Moscow population has grown quite substantially.

"The southwestern precinct of Moscow presently has 56 Orthodox churches, but 19 of them are located in temporary structures," says the spokesman for the Moscow church construction project. Thus, twenty new lots have been recently approved for building new churches.

Construction is funded by private donations from individuals and companies, both small and large. For instance, Nornickel, a mining company, has pledged nearly a billion rubles for the church “Olympic” complex in the North Butovo neighborhood.

The “Olympic” nickname is due to the intent of making the new church a religious center for Russian athletes. It will be dedicated to Prince St. Dimity Donskoy (fourteenth century). The complex will include a historical museum with a panoramic display of the Kulikovo battle, an educational facility housing a high school and Sunday school, a spacious concert hall, fitness and workout units, a shelter for women and children in emergency, and a dining hall.

A park, a playground and an athletic field are also planned for the adjacent territory.