The West: Christian Values Crushed by Liberal Pressure

In his recent essay, Vakhtang Kipshidze, Deputy Chairman of the Synodal Department for the Russian Orthodox Church's Relations with Society and Mass Media, deliberates on the drastic change in the system of traditional Western values. We are publishing excerpts from the piece.   

“In his sermon on March 6, Patriarch Kirill, the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church, describing the situation in Ukraine, called homosexual pride parades a 'test of loyalty' to the Western world. Indeed, the issue of homosexual relations has become a ram in the European integration process. Even conservative countries, like Poland and Hungary, were pressured to hold homosexual pride parades expressing allegiance to the new European values. They say that imposing this uniform approach is meant to protect human rights, but in reality, anyone whose views on the gender issue do not comply with the political mainstream, are persecuted and discriminated against." 

"Today the Western civilization, preaching pluralism, has in fact employed a totalitarian approach in promoting its liberal values. No country or state may contest the one and only 'correct' set of values. Otherwise, it risks being labeled as a 'rogue state'."

"Moreover, Christianity has been ousted from the European political landscape, and the process is still going on. In no document of the European Union will you find any mention of Judeo-Christian values. Any Christian bold enough to doubt that there really are 58 genders (as claimed by Marc Zuckerberg) will be persecuted — even if the person in question is none other than Joanne Rowling."

"Curiously enough, today the West and Russia have switched roles. Russia supports the values that had been considered 'western' — the role of the Christian Church, autonomy of the traditional family, and cultural diversity. All these have become secondary in the West. They are only valued as long as they do not contradict liberal dogmas.”