We Need to Take Time on QR-Code Issue, Says Russian Orthodox Church Spokesman

“It is a good decision not to rush things on the QR-code issue”, wrote Vladimir Legoyda, Head of the Synodal Department for the Russian Orthodox Church’s Relations with Society and Mass Media, on his Telegram channel. “I believe an unhurried and detailed discussion is required, along with giving answers to numerous questions — a respectful dialogue. In this situation it would be wrong to leave questions, posed by our citizens, unanswered. Likewise, all ambiguity should be avoided. The wording of the bills, too, must be free of legal indistinctness. Otherwise it will become a source of tensions in future.”

Vladimir Legoyda supported the stance voiced by the State Duma vice speaker Pyotr Tolstoy, that the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation provides a good platform for future hearings of the representatives of authorities, the expert community, and public organizations.

“As you know,” Pyotr Tolstoy wrote earlier on his Telegram channel, “the government has sent two bills to the State Duma regarding the introduction of QR Codes. This has stirred a powerful reaction with our electorate. Today the Duma Council made a decision not to rush things, and to take time to discuss this controversial initiative with the various regions and with the public.”

“Additionally, I suggested that these bills should be sent back to be amended. Meanwhile, hearings should be held in Parliament to answer the questions which are posed by our citizens. A broad and open discussion must be launched, in which representatives of the Government, the Federation Council, the Civic Chamber, law enforcement agencies, and the four parliament committees will be involved. This is a very important decision to be taken.”