Seven Meter Monument To Admiral Ushakov To Be Built in St.Petersburg

On November 25, 2021, a cornerstone of the future monument to the famous Russian Admiral Saint Fyodor Ushakov was consecrated in St. Petersburg. The ceremony was attended by the City Governor Alexander Beglov and Vice commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy Vladislav Pavlov. 

The consecration rite was performed by archpriest Bogdan Soiko, the rector of the St. Nicolas Epiphany Marine cathedral of Saint Petersburg.  

“Fyodor Ushakov has left a bright trace in the history of our country”, Alexander Beglov said. “The great Admiral did not lose a single battle. He won 43 sea battles, including five of great historic significance. He never lost a single warship. His contemporaries described him as a very modest person, easily accessible to people from all walks of life. He is also known as a benefactor, who gave money for the construction of monasteries and hospitals, supported the militia in 1812, and helped ordinary people. The Church glorified him as a Saint.”

The monument shall be cast in bronze, and it shall be more than seven meters tall. The cornerstone contains four capsules with earth from places linked to the life of the Admiral: his birthplace in the Yaroslavl region; Sevastopol, where the Black Sea fleet was built; from the Greek island of Corfu – a strong fortress that was seized by the Russian fleet under the command of Ushakov; and from the Sanaksar monastery in Mordovia, where Fyodor Ushakov is buried.