Foiling Sodomite 'Parenthood' Dreams, Russia Bans Renting of Women to Birth Babies, 45K Kids 'Exported' in 20 Years

Russia drops hammer on surrogate pregnancy for foreigners, favorite strategy of Western sodomites.

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On December 8, 2022, the State Duma, the lower chamber of the Russian parliament, unanimously passed a bill banning foreign nationals from hiring Russian women as surrogate mothers. To be signed into Law by the President, it still needs to pass the Federation Council – the Senate.   The new legislation is aimed at protecting both babies and women

Under the new legislation, surrogacy as commercial service will only be available to Russian married heterosexual couples, in which at least one of the spouses is a Russian citizen, and to single Russian women. Lawmakers turned down a proposal to make surrogacy available to single males, too. The new legislation is aimed at protecting new-born babies, Vyacheslav Volodin, the Head of the State Duma explains.

The head of the Russian parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin.

Why would Russian babies need this sort of protection?


"We don't know who these people, who are seeking the services of Russian surrogate mothers, are. We don't know where they are taking these babies. But they are our babies. And there were cases when they got into the hands of real criminals”.

These are not just words.  Horrible stories have occasionally surfaced in the media, about Russian children who had once been "bought" from a surrogate mother. In 2005, an Australian gay paedophile couple bought a baby for $8,000 from a Russian surrogate mother and began to sexually abuse him from an age of 2 months. When he was 4 years old, his "father" started to sell the child to other perverts. In 2013, one of these paedophiles was sentenced to 40 years in prison. The boy, who had been exploited as a sex slave since he was 2 months old, was led to believe that this kind of treatment was normal.

On October 14, 2020, a baby born under the surrogacy program died in a rented apartment in St. Petersburg. Along with his sister, the boy was born to a single "father" from China through an agency specializing of arranging surrogate births for homosexuals who wish to become "parents."

The news has received enthusiastic welcome from the Russian Orthodox Church.

Says priest Fedor Lukyanov, Chairman of the Patriarchal Commission for Family, Maternity and Childhood Protection.   

"A new law banning surrogacy for foreign nationals in Russia is a choice made by the whole of our nation in support of traditional family values. The Patriarchal Commission has been most active in protecting the right of a baby to be born and stay in his or her own family.  A child cannot be regarded as an object of trade and commerce".

He described the development as a "a morally significant decision" and remarked that the legislative and executive authorities must have taken into account Patriarch Kirill's call to "protect innocent babies".  In the summer of 2021, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia asked the government to support efforts to ban surrogacy for foreign nationals. Earlier, the Orthodox Womens’ Union demanded to limit surrogacy in Russia with a prospect of imposing a total ban on the use of the technology. The petition was signed by more than 58,000 people.  

The Russian Orthodox Church has opposed surrogacy ever since the technology started to develop in Russia some 20 years ago. The Social Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church surrogacy is condemned regardless of who the client is, and whether it is done for money or on a non-profit basis.  

Today surrogacy services in Russia have developed into a dynamic billion-dollar semi-criminal market. There are no exact figures on how many babies have been “exported” from our country to date.

Says Vyacheslav Volodin:

"Those involved in this $ 2 bln market, say surrogate births make up at least 10 percent of all births in Russia. So, over the 20 years of surrogacy services’ history in our country, foreign nationals have received over 45,000 babies from Russian surrogate mothers. That is - if the 10 percent estimate is correct".  

It was no easy job for the Duma legislators to take the bill through to the final vote. 

 Pyotr Tolstoy, Vice Speaker the State Duma, spoke about the attempts of government officials to sabotage the adoption of the bill, which had been introduced to the Duma in 2021.

"The bill passed the first reading, and then the process was stalled under the load of amendments. These came from the government departments. We took some of them into account. But there were also those, the lawmakers regarded as mere run-arounds aimed to delay the process. … In the second year the bill was practically blocked”.

Who would try to block the bill?

Father Maxim Obukhov, head of the “Life” Orthodox Medical-Training Center, comments

Referring to attempts to block the bill, we should not forget about a huge underwater part of the iceberg - the lobbyism of reproductive technologies in general. The fact is that surrogacy is part of IVF enterprise, drawing billions of roubles from the state budget.  The lobbying groups, engaged in IVF and surrogacy promotion, form a large corporation that receives both state subsidies and income from its clients.
We know that they spend billions of rubles of taxpayers' money, each IVF attempt worth hundreds of thousands of rubles, covered by the State health insurance. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that IVF and surrogacy are two parts of a single phenomenon. Both amount to no less than the manipulation with human life. Both are huge financial projects.  
A human being cannot be an object of trade, bought or sold; neither a human being, nor his organs and tissues, can be regarded as commodity; motherhood, too, cannot be part of commercial service. Otherwise, we stop being humans. Of all reproductive technologies, surrogacy is the cruellest form of exploitation: a woman is offered to bear a child for money. She gives birth, her maternal instinct kicks in, but the baby is taken away from her right in the delivery room. This produces both, moral and physiological stress.

Attitudes to surrogacy differ greatly.

Some of the Western European countries, like France, Norway, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, have banned it altogether. Only a few countries today allow surrogacy on a commercial basis with the possibility of providing this service to clients from other countries. However, the number of these countries is shrinking. India and Thailand, which used to be the centers of international surrogacy, established a ban for foreigners to use such services, a few years ago.

How real are the chances that Russia could impose an overall ban on surrogacy and IVF? 

Says Anna Shafran, public figure, TV and radio presenter, expert of the Patriarchal Commission for Family, Maternity and Childhood Protection   


In Russia there are agencies that provide surrogacy services for foreigners. Not one of these agencies has been sanctioned by the West. Which means that these agencies operate in the interests of foreign parties including those who are our enemies.  

Women, who are considering an option of offering surrogacy services, never get full information about associated health hazards, from these agencies. It therefore amounts to a downright exploitation of women and their health. Surrogacy turns the woman into an incubator for the production of babies, the new-born human beings, who are sold even before they are born.

We cannot afford a status of a country, which de facto legalizes trafficking of its own children.  It is also about destroying our gene pool. This needs to be stopped, and for that, we need new legislation, to start with.

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