President Putin: Russia Does Not Put Up With “Parents 1, 2 and 3” Instead of Mother and Father

At a large official meeting in Kremlin on October 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin has made several key statements related to public morality and moral principles of the Russian nation. Among the audience carefully listening to President's words were top clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The President said:

Would we like our children to have “parents #1, #2 and #3” instead of the father and mother? Would we put up with imposing sexual perversions on elementary school students, perversions that lead to degradation extinction of mankind? Would we let them inculcated to the effect that besides men and women there allegedly exist certain other “genders” - and offered sex change surgery? Do we foresee all that for our nation, for our children? No, this is unacceptable.

Our future is different; it is our own future. Let me reiterate: the tyranny of the Western rulers is aimed at each and every society.