Major Online Forum on Renovating Old Churches to be Hosted by Russian Government April 28, Foreigners Welcome

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Forum on protecting ancient cultural and spiritual treasures seeks participants worldwide.

On 28 April the Russian government will host the first forum on the preservation of ancient rural churches. Anyone who has ventured outside the big cities into the great Russian countryside will see these churches, in varying states of repair. In places where they have been saved or restored, they really are rural gems, adding their luster and shine to the crown of the beautiful Russian fields, competing with God’s wildflowers and greenery for the designation of “most beautiful.”

A pleasant twist to this forum is that anyone can participate from all over the world. The forum is open to everyone who cares about the preservation of Russian cultural and sacred spaces in the countryside. They even have a Telegram discussion group you can join:
The registration website for the forum can be found here. And below is a machine translated article concerning the forum for your information:


On April 28, 2023, the Public Chamber of Russia in Moscow will host the First Forum "Keepers of Russian Temples", dedicated to the preservation of ancient rural churches as objects of cultural heritage and centers of spiritual development. 

The forum is organized by the White Iris Cultural Heritage Preservation Charity Foundation with the assistance of the Women's Patriotic Society and the Commission of the Public Chamber of Russia for the Development of Culture and the Preservation of Spiritual Heritage. 

Representatives of federal and regional authorities, the Russian Orthodox Church, business circles, mass media, charitable foundations, public organizations and volunteer groups will take part in the first forum "Guardians of Russian Churches". 

As the organizers of the event noted, " the issue of preserving cultural and historical heritage-objects of rural temple architecture-is very acute." 

According to various estimates, from 5,000 to 10,000 ancient rural churches are now on the verge of destruction, and among them there are masterpieces of Russian architecture. 

That is why the main task of the forum "Keepers of Russian Temples" is to unite all those who are not indifferent to the fate of ancient rural churches and the development of villages, in a single community for the purpose of mutual assistance and exchange of experience. 

For this purpose, and for the communication of like – minded people, an information platform in Telegram has been created- the Forum of Temple Keepers . 

Within the framework of the upcoming forum, topical issues in the field of preserving ancient rural churches will be raised. In addition, its participants will discuss the impact of rural temple architecture on the preservation of local identity of territories and their cultural and economic development, strengthening traditional values and family foundations, possible sources of funding for the preservation of rural heritage and involving the younger generation in this process. 
Based on the results of the forum, specific proposals will be formed and sent to the Russian Government to support the preservation of cultural heritage sites – rural churches. 

The first forum "Keepers of Russian Temples" will be held on April 28 at:  Moscow, Miusskaya pl., 7, building 1, Public Chamber of Russia. It starts at 11: 00 . You can register for the forum by following the link here . 

The event is held within the framework of the project "Keepers of Heritage", implemented by the White Iris Charitable Foundation with the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation, the Public Chamber of Russia, VOOPIiK, Vera Radio, Foma magazine, and the Common Cause project. Preservation of the temples of the North". 

More great content, memes, commenting and community not available on this site.

We are also on Facebook and Instagram which have been designated terrorist organizations by the Russian government.