Government Awards for Orthodox TV Channel

January 13th is observed in Russia as the Day of Mass Media. On this day, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Mr. Michael Mishustin, conferred government awards of merit on the leadership and staff members of the Russian Orthodox TV channel "Spas" (literally meaning "The Savior").

"In spite of the present difficulties caused by the epidemic," said the Prime Minister at the award ceremony, "you have been very successful in your work, never losing your unique visage, never losing your team spirit, and primarily never losing feedback from your viewers, listeners, and readers. Let me once again thank you for your fidelity to your calling, and wish you further success in your profession to which you have dedicated your lives."

Responding to the Prime Minister, the Channel General Director and Producer, Mr. Boris Korchevikov, expressed his highest gratitude for the award. "Working for the Spas Channel," said he, "is an award by itself. I am perfectly sure about that. For most of us it is not just a job, but a duty. So I am happy to congratulate everyone on our team, working under the guidance of a wonderous man, Patriarch Kirill. Much joy it is not only to work with him, but to contact him on a regular basis, to receive his archpastoral blessing."

"We have a rule on our channel, 'Principal Things in Simple Words'. Indeed, we are perfectly sure that there are no more important subjects than we air on Spas, that is, faith, service to neighbors, and an encounter with God," concluded the Director. "We cherish the unique capacity to speak about that with the multi-million member audience. We assume our great responsibility for what we are doing, and we are deeply thankful for that!"