God Grant the Fratricide in Ukraine Is Over, Prays Russian Church

 Patriarch Kirill in his Sunday sermon implored the people to pray for the unity of the Russian Church and never to view Ukrainians as enemies.

"The Church is praying prays for the speedy end of the fratricide, for justice and peace, because without justice there can be no lasting peace, no cleansing the evil that has built up over the years and led finally to this bloody conflict", - said the Patriarch.

"And this can only happen if we live with faith in our hearts. Because faith wipes off fear, faith opens up forgiveness, faith strengthens ties between men and can turn them into brotherhood", - Patriarch Kirill urged.

"God grant that it will be so, and the darkness in the souls of so many of us will be gone. God help save the lives on both sides of the front line. God keep women and children from becoming widows and orphans, keep families from strife, friends from alienation", - concluded the Primate of the Russian Church.