An Eight Year Old Offers Help to Mothers

Mother’s Smile: such a name has been picked by a girl from Cheliabinsk (Urals region of Russia) for her charitable project to benefit weary and low-income mothers, notwithstanding her young age, far enough from motherhood. In fact, she is only eight.

The girl relates that while in a hospital, she suddenly realized that motherhood is hard labor with no reprieve: much more so when you feel unwell, when your children are sick or disabled, when chores multiply, or when your income is well below average…

"So, let us help our mothers. If they forget themselves while tending to us, then let us give them some joy. Set up a beauty shop for them, hair styling, nail care, dentist’s office, massage, what not."

The girl has found care providers ready to work gratis, thus far only four. And the work has been set off. A young mother suffering from cancer, having undergone leg amputation right after the delivery of her second child, received long-awaited hair care. Another one could not remember when she had last received nail care.

A mother of a child with a disability said that for two years she had been dreaming of visiting a hair stylist. “Children are always our top priority," she said, "First of all, I do whatever is necessary for the child, and whenever possible, for myself. Which basically means, never.”

The eight year old charity advocate receives help with her Mother’s Smile project from her own mother, an experienced volunteer.