Andrey Sorokin
The War of the Worlds at the Kurgan school
Andrey Sorokin

One of these days in the Russian city of Kurgan, the war of the worlds broke out in a local school. A student wrote about it the Vkontakte public. The biology teacher of that school decided to reveal to the world the two most important teacher qualities: intelligence and professionalism which she had in abundance. Or so she thought.

This is how one of the students described this incredible event: "Today, our teacher got sort of carried away, to put it mildly. Some things she said would definitely qualify as an offence of article 148 Criminal Code "insulting the feelings of believers." She started the lesson by telling us that there is no God, we believe in him in vain, prayers are nonsense. It was extremely unpleasant, there was an incomprehensible painful feeling in my soul. Everyone was politely silent. Some kids lowered their heads. Even us, the students, we don't discuss religion and confession, and even more so we do not impose our point of view on each other, although I know for sure that there are Orthodox, Muslims, and atheists in our class. When there were five minutes left until the end of the lesson, she said: "The lesson is over, for homework - study the topic of homeostasis yourself"".

And that's where the fun begins. Reference books tell us that "homeostasis is the ability of an organism to maintain functionally significant variables within the limits that ensure its optimal vital activity." There are problems with our social organism, it does not want to maintain homeostasis in any way, which means that its vital activity is disrupted at every step. A teacher decided to be smart and "spice things up" a little during a biology class. Although it would seem that we actually live in the enlightened 21st century, we have read and published a bunch of articles by all kinds of scientists, and even the first persons of the country are regularly shown on TV doing the sign of the cross in the temple. But no, all this is not enough for that teacher: "God does not exist!", she resolutely knocks her pointer on a blackboard– "Only homeostasis does!".

It seems that in an unknown Kurgan school, the war of the worlds flares up again from a small spark. And now not only inquisitive students, but also the press secretary of the local diocese threatens the teacher with a criminal article for insulting feelings. The masses are already boiling up on the Internet. Commentators say, "is it possible to offend the feelings of atheists!?" The officials are already rushing to an inconvenient school to conduct explanatory work, the school headmaster is already apologizing left right and center for the teacher's wrongdoing, the parental community is divided, the conflict is about to turn into an open battle. And then - as usual, small guerrilla war follows. Because there is no way we can just make peace.

And why does it all happen? The reason of it all is - some people do not care about God, only about their feelings, others also do not care about God, but only about their "truth".

It's time to extinguish the fire of war. After all, the fact that some teacher lives her life without God shouldn't affect our living with God and believing in Him. He may have brought her to our class on purpose to test our Christian love and patience. Once again: God tests not our "feelings of believers", but our love for this very teacher. Christians are people who all share a secret,  who know the ultimate Mystery. Partakers of God. What do we need from another bellicose statement? Is our Mystery somehow diminished by it? Did Jesus Christ feel insecure? Offended? After all, if we know the Secret, and truly believe in Him, we should pity that unreasonable teacher. How many sorrows does she have to endure, to carry on her fragile teacher's shoulders the whole weight of the world, all its absurdities and unsettledness! It's easy for us, as we have help from our God. And who will help her?

We should learn to respond wisely to aggressive statements, not to throw firewood into the fire of hostility between atheists and believers. We should learn to resolve out conflicts without appealing to Criminal Code, calling the authorities in or demanding apologies . Just to love them who wrong us in return, as our God has bequeathed to us. In order to maintain social homeostasis in this way. Always and forever.