Andrey Sorokin
How many names does the evil one have
Andrey Sorokin

When a certain friend of mine feels like moralizing she says something like: "One of the names of the devil is "the one who divides people". I am all for accuracy in the interpretations of the Holy Scriptures, and I have never met such a name of the devil anywhere, except for the polemical statements of individual phrase mongers. However? I somehow think that this time my sanctimonious friend and the prudish rhetoricians might be right.

If you just look into the news, you’ll find a lot of other names of the fallen angel. I would say that his other names are "war", "sanctions", "fake", "hatred", "condemnation" and the list could go a lot further. Choose any word describing sin, vice, trouble – all this can be safely called synonymous to the devil’s name. We live in a situation where we are more willing to talk about these names, forgetting about why, in fact, we remember them. The news we read on the Internet are filled with assessments of what is happening  – "this is not Orthodox", "crucify that one", "trample that one", "strike out that one" (or vice versa, "blacklist that one"). The rhetoric is heating up more and more with each passing day: "burn him", "crush them!", "don't let him go!". The society is heated up like metal, it is becoming increasingly difficult to just stop and take a deep breath.

Of course, today’s world is fragmented, divided, torn apart. Nowadays everyone has a reason to be angry and resentful, everyone wants to express there unfavorable opinion about the state of things. These last few years have been hard for all of us. But do you remember what the "wonderful and full of wisdom" King Solomon from the Old Testament left us as a legacy? In the book of Ecclesiastes, he tells us: "... anger nests in the heart of the foolish." And no one wants to appear foolish, not in any way. We want to look righteous, wise, and proper. So, all you have to do, according to the testament of the Old Testament sages, is pull yourself together and drive the foolishness out of your heart.

The devil has many names, and we repeat them more often than the names of God. It’s almost as if we wanted to call the evil into life. But why would we want that? Will it be better if a monster from the Book of Revelation appeared suddenly before us - some great dragon with seven heads and ten horns, bringing the end to the world? It seems to me, the only name that should be pronounced more often is the name of Christ. Jesus, who has already given his life for our sins, is much better than the monster who brings sins. And it is not far from God's name to such things as forgiveness, mercy, mutual help and, finally, to the most important commandment that He gave us: "Love thy neighbor"