Movies of the last century that are worth watching with teenagers
Often, teenagers are much more affected by the right films and books than parental moralizing. What to watch with children to teach them the right life position? Psychologist Anna Morsina advises.
Can I watch programs about mysticism?
Archpriest Andrei Efanov
07.11.2021, 20:52
Sergey Makovetsky: «The more you keep your soul, the easier it is for you to live»
07.11.2021, 20:45
Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin: "A mysterious, miraculous phenomenon for a Christian is not the main thing"
04.11.2021, 19:10
Nikolai Dostal: "Who could lead the Orthodox world if not Russia?"
04.11.2021, 19:05
Pavel Lungin: "Metropolitan Philip is one of the rarest examples of opposition to tyranny"
04.11.2021, 18:59
Sergei Makovetsky: "A priest cannot act as an ordinary normal person would do"
04.11.2021, 18:55