"Bountiful Evening" celebrated in a village of Zvannoye near the Ukrainian border
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Traditionally, on the eve of the Old New Year on the border with Ukraine, in the village of Zvannoe, Glushkovsky district, a Bountiful evening is celebrated.

Shchedryk, Rich Kutya, Vasilyeva Kolyada and even Melania the Ventricle — over the centuries, people have given many names to this holiday. It coincides with the Orthodox Basil the Great Memorial Day and is celebrated in the south of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The mummers go home, praise Christ and the owners, sing bounties and ... eat a lot.

The first rule is that the mummers need to be fed well. Local women do not skimp, on the festive table and jelly, and roast duck, and homemade pickles, and mandatory dumplings, and pancakes are not just food, but a symbol of the sun and a new life.

Zvannovtsy are sure: not to let carolers into the yard is a big sin. They bring good luck to the owners and the household. Here it's not just a holiday. A generous evening connects Glushkov residents with their unique border traditions.