St. Theophan the Recluse: How to Get Ready
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Saturday, October 1 (September 18), 2022
1Cor. 10:23-28; Mt. 24:34-44

"Watch, for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come[Mt.24:42].  To watch means not to sit idly, but to keep in mind His imminent coming and, having properly adjusted our behavior and everyday business, be ready to meet Him at any moment without fear of reproach and condemnation.

Is that too hard to achieve?  Not really.  Follow Lord's commandments, without breaking a single one of them; should you accidentally break one – cleanse yourself right away by repentance as well as remuneration, is needed.  This way we will stay clean.

Do not leave the burden of sin on your heart for an extra minute: immediately repent with tears in your heart, rush to confession, receive absolution of your sin and return to the path of Lord's commandments.  If you seriously take on the task of correcting your life and pursue it with resolve and energy, – soon you will see it corrected, only don't delay the recovery whenever you fall.  With time, falls will happen less and less frequently, and vanish from your life altogether, through the all-powerful Grace of God.  Then gladsome assurance will emerge of being ready to meet the Lord.

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