St. Theophan the Recluse: Convictions and Truth
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Thursday, September 29 (16), 2022

Eph. 1:1-9; Mk. 7:24-30

What moved the Syrophoenician woman to approach the Lord and petition Him ceaselessly? [Mk.7:25-28].  It was her established conviction: she had been convinced that the Savior could heal her daughter, so she came to Him; she had been convinced that He would not ignore her petition, so she kept asking Him.

Convictions are the sum total of our entire life, of our education, popular ideas, impressions, teachings we might have encountered, of various events and experiences throughout our lifetime.  Under the influence of all these factors our mind works out certain set of convictions.   It should be noticed that God's truth is present everywhere, and it enters human soul from all directions.  Truth is found in the human heart; truth is visible in all creatures; there is truth in customs and sentiments of men; there is some truth, more or less, in teachings and theories.  But falsehood is likewise ubiquitous.

Whosoever is of the truth [1Jn.3:19], he gathers truth and is filled with true, salvific convictions.  Whosoever is not of the truth, he gathers falsehood and is filled with false convictions and pernicious folly.   Does it depend on us – to be or not to be of the truth?  Let everyone figure that out for himself, keeping in mind that no one will escape God's Judgment.