St. Theophan the Recluse: A Brief History of Mankind
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Friday, December 9 (November 26), 2022

2Tim. 2:1-2,8-18; Lk.19:12-28   

The parable of Ten pounds of silver [Lk. 19:12-27] is a brief history of the world all the way through the Second Coming of Christ.  

The Lord speaks of Himself that He is going, through suffering, death and resurrection, to become the King over the whole mankind, to receive the Kingdom of His birthright.  People who remain on earth are separated into two groups: His servants, willingly obedient to Him by faith, and those who hate him, who do not want to be His subjects because of their faithlessness.  Anyone who comes to the Lord with faith and resolve to serve Him receives a pound of silver ─ that is, the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Divine Sacraments of the Church, in communion with other faithful.  When, indeed, everyone who is capable of serving Him in the entire mankind becomes His servant, He will return as the ruling King.  First of all, He will audit His servants to see what they have gained with the gifts they have received; next there will a trail of those who rejected Him ─ that is, either did not want to believe or fell away from the faith. 

Make sure to engrave these truths in your mind and keep them in focus of your attention: that decision will be absolutely conclusive and final.  Avoid faithlessness; but do not let your faith be idle, bring forth the fruits of faith.   Having found you a servant faithful over a few things, the Lord will make you a ruler over many things  [Mt. 25:21].


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