What is wrong with fortune-telling?
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Many believers wonder if it is possible to tell the fortune, especially on love. Some tarologists claim that Orthodoxy is in symbiosis with prediction. However, the Church has a different opinion. Guessing at a betrothed is sinful and dangerous.

Divination is associated with magic and superstitions, which are only a very dangerous substitute for genuine faith. They originate from paganism, therefore they have nothing in common with God's will.

Fortune-telling on the beloved is an attempt to find out the future. The church does not approve of the desire to know the fate. So a person moves away from faith, commits a great sin and communicates with demons. "Do not conjure and do not guess," it was written in the Old Testament (Lev. 19. 26). Having

decided to find out the name or appearance of the future husband, girls resort to many ways: guessing on cards, candles, comb and much more. They even came up with dates on which, allegedly, the female energy for divination is especially strong.

A woman can predict a rapprochement with a close friend, but he, for example, suddenly get married. And she already believed, guessed. I fell into depression, despondency. You can "invite" the death of your beloved. Fortune-telling imposes either fears that may come true, or expectations that have nothing to do with the real state of affairs.

Any divination has grave consequences. A person loses harmony, the balance of the soul is disturbed, his faith weakens. He is moving away from God. Demons use this and make a slave of the "predetermined" outcome. Therefore, Orthodoxy warns a person, reminds him of the consequences and shows the ways of redemption. The Church teaches not to predict, but to pray.